Sodalite Facial Gua Sha ‘Beauty Ritual’ Pack


This homecare pack includes one crystal gua sha, a botanical facial steam and an online tutorial for self care. Helen has designed a simple massage routine to improve skin health and treat acne, wrinkles, puffiness, muscle tension and more by targeting 8 key ‘trouble areas’.

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Long practiced by women in the Orient facial gua sha is currently taking the Western beauty world by storm with top Estheticians dubbing it ‘a natural alternative to botox’. It is fantastic for lifting, sculpting and smoothing your ‘trouble areas’ and caring for problemed skin.

Whilst simple to use, there is a knack to correct technique that this in-person tutorial is designed to share. Regular use of 8 basic passages elevates the health and function of all skin types so that over time you can minimise signs of aging, improve acne, even skin tone and reduce puffiness.

This pack includes:

– Natural crystal Gua Sha tool
– Natural cotton travel sack
– Botanical facial steam
– Self-care guide with 8 basic passages
– Online video tutorial (email link)


Skin type: oily

Great for those with a dull or shiny complexion and oily skin types prone to pimples, enlarged and/or clogged pores.


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